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7 steps to Protect your Facebook ID from Hackers.

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Facebook become an important part of our life. We use it in various purpose. Someone uses it just communication friends and family, someone uses commercial purpose. We put important data on Facebook. So we should beer in mind and take action to Protect Facebook ID. So Today I will share a tips

Steps to protect your Facebook ID from hackers

Imagine you get up early in the morning, simply to seek out that you simply could not log in to your Facebook account. While you are just wondering about the reason for this lockout problem. Your friend calls you to checks if you are fine seeing your weird Facebook status. At times like these, how do you say your account is secure enough ? How do you protect your Facebook ID from Hackers?
  1. Never share your passwords with anyone together your friends and family. 
  2. Don,t get your news feed flooded with suspicious 
  3. Add a secondary email ID to your account 
  4. Make sure that you accept only persons you know as your friends as when you accept strangers, you allow them to access your personal information
  5. Amendment your countersign frequently and use distinctive passwords.
  6. Keep your laptop security updated
  7. keep it secure in the slightest degree times. 
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