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How to Create a Good and Unique Password

 Create a Good and Unique Password

Importance of a Good and password 

In today's technology, we can store our whole life on our hard drive. A good and unique password helps us to protect our computer, data and our online accounts. Like-Facebook, You tube, Google, Yahoo, etc. We use password to login email, online games, credit card accounts, online forums, social media sites, and every other password protected corner of the internet. Which is the most important, of our daily life. So protect our personal information and privacy to the internet we must need a Good and unique Password.

Tips for Create a Good and Unique Password

  • Never produce a password based mostly upon personal information. Like your name, date of birth, or other information that one could easily discover about you from the resources like as social media and internet. 
  • Do not create a password less than 8 characters long.and that are made up solely of number of letters. Use different cases, mix digits and letters, and non-alphanumeric characters. 
  • Do not use a word [English or others], proper name, keyboard sequence, name of a TV show, or anythings else for creating a password.
  • Never chose a password that is a simple transformation of a word. Like- password 123 is not a good password, since adding 123 is a common, simple transformation of a word. 
  • To create a good password, make up a sentence you can easily remember. For example 
I have two kids:jenny and rony.
  I like to drink cool drinks etc
  • Some good password example 
ILtO,8##orNOS, AGUST& brick , unix & Fun etc.                                         
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