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How to Submit Your Website In the Search Engines (Google, Bing)

All Of have to know that what is Search Engine. When someone wants to know any kind of information they search in Search Engines (GOOGLE, YAHOO, BING). If your site have this type of information then the Search Engine show the results for the searches users. The first step to getting your site online and get better ranking Google is to submit your website to Search engines.
If you don't submit your website to Search Engines. Search Engines does not index your website, and don't show any keywords in Search results.  You have lost the traffic to your website. So it is so important for every website. Today I will be going to share with you how to do it. So check the process which are given below
  1. Submit to Google

Google is world no-1 Search Engine all over the world. To submit your website to Google, follow the steps:-
  • First time click on this link webmaster tools. Login to your Google account (gmail, blogger)
  • Type your website URL. Example:- http://www.techshoutme.com or http://www.techshoutme.blogspot.com.
  • Enter the CAPTCHA text shown in the box. 
  • Then select "submit request"  [see the screen shot]
submit to google

    2. Submit to BING

  • Click and go this link Bing
  • Type your website URL. Like: Http://www.techshoutme.com or http://www.techshoutme.blogspot.com
  • Type and enter the captcha text shown in the box.
  • Click submit button. [see screenshot]
Website to the Search Engines Bing

And you can also used some automatic Search Engine submission tools.

  • Click and go this link submission tools
  • Type your website URL
  • Enter your email ID
  • Click submit button. [see screen shot]
    Submit Your Website to the various Search Engines

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