3 Best Ever SEO, Adsense Friendly Blogger Template 2016

From this post, we would seen that a template are so important in professional blogging. It help your blogger site looking more and more professional. In internet, there are a thousand of websites, who provides free Blogger templates.
If you choose a premium template via $$,  you can get easily SEO, Adsense friendly template. But it is so difficult to find out a SEO, Adsense Friendly Blogger template when it is for free. I find some free templates, which are really responsive, SEO, Adsense Friendly.
Now I will share 3 Best Ever SEO, Adsense Friendly Blogger templates. These templates help you to gain more traffic, and professional blogging. lets see:=
  1. Blogghiamo Minimal 
    Blogghiamo responsive blogger template
                                     LIVE DEMO     ~    DOWNLOAD
    • Fully responsive, beautiful, professional design 
    • Auto read more functions
    • Related post widgets 
    • 2 columns
    • Fast loading, and seo friendly, also adsense friendly.
    • Color- yellow.white- visitor friendly 
    • Drop down menu bar.
    • Author= lasantha .link-  http://www.premiumbloggertemplates.com/
   2. Hola responsive  
hola responsive blogger template

                                   LIVE DEMO     ~      DOWNLOAD
  • Well coding, seo friendly
  • Simple responsive designs
  • Fast loading,
  • Adsense ready
  • Menu bar
  • Suitable in niche blog
  • One thing missing related post widgets. You can cheek this post simply add related post widgets to blogger site using linkwithin
  • Author= blogTipsNtricks= link= http://www.blogtipsntricks.com/
  • Templates sources= http://www.mybloggerthemes.com/
  3. Super  
super seo friendly blogger template

                                   LIVE DEMO      ~     DOWNLOAD
  • Simple responsive design
  • SEO and adsense friendly 
  • Super fast loading 
  • Related post widgets 
  • Google+ comment box
  • Share button 
  • Stylist popular post widgets
  • Deep white and white color- visitor friendly 
  • Author - jomkenal 
  • Templates sources- http://www.btemplates.com/
These blogger templates are including all  features of professional blogger templates
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