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4 Killer Ways To Make Your Blogger Site More Professional

For making a website or Blog site you need to a domain or hosting. Blogger provide us free domain and hosting. For that reason every people start their first Blogging in Blogger blogspot platform. After making their blog then, they tried to make their Blog site more and more professional.
make blogger professional
Today I will Be going to share you some way that will be surely help you to make your blog professional. So lets begin
  1. Custom Domain-
    custom domain blogger
When you make a Blog site in Blogspot platform, they provide you a free domain like Blogspot.com. Which is does not look professional. For  professional purpose you need a custom domain of your site like .com, .net, .org. There are so many custom domain providers in internet. So buy a custom domain and setup your blogger site. You can easily buy a domain $8-$10 for one year. I think this is not a big cost.

 2. Template- 
There are so many default Templates in Blogger. But this template are not look professional. For professional purpose setup a professional template on your site. There are so many websites in internet which provide both free and premium  template. I will be share some professional looking template in my site. You can use it.
 Note- if you want to use Blogger default templates on your blogger site. Customize this template for professional looking. Default templates are easy to customize. 
3. Logo 

use logo for professional

In today's blogging competition you must need a unique Logo for branding your blog. This is most important ways to make your blogger site more professional. Logo helps your site look unique and professional. You can easily make a logo by using adobe illustrator. You can also use logo generate website. Which is help you, to make a logo free. 

4. Fevicon
Blogger default Fevicon is looking so boring. Every Blogger site use blogger default fevicon on their site. So if you want to make your site unique from other site, you must need a different fevicon.
fevicon change blogger
After -
custom fevicon blogger
Final Word 
Currently blogging is not a easy task. It is most difficult way to make money online. If you are serious about your blogging then, you need to become a professional blogger. A pro-blogger share creativity with his work. However, hopefully you like this above post about make your blog professional. Happy blogging !!   


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