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SEO Tools To Check Your Blog's Post Is Unique or Not

Now-A-days there are so many Blogs sites all over the world. But it is sorrow that, only Few Blog site Provide unique content. Maximum Blogger Provide content (copy and paste) from other sites this is known as Plagiarism.
All of you have to know that, Unique content are the major element of SEO. Most of Search Engines Specially Google follow the maximum customer satisfaction rules. So for these reasons, Search Engines dose not show in search result Plagiarism content. Plagiarism content are not able to get rank from Search Engines. Without unique content any Blog site can not be a successful Blog site. So if you want to be a successful Blogger, you must avoid the Plagiarism(Copy-paste).

Today I will be share a very important post. In this post you can find out Your Blogs Post Is Unique Or not. So let's see
  • Why This Tools.

    This tools helps to find out your post is duplicate or unique. Duplicated content leads to a lower page rank. If you publish a writing or website content that's not entirely distinctive and original, there's a considerably higher risk of being blacklisted by Google and alternative search engines. So, if your goal is to own the next page rank– and program results placement (SERP) — then it’s merely not well worth the risk of commercial enterprise heavily duplicated content.

    How To Cheek

    1. Press Ctrl+A Copy The Full post before Publishing. 
      seo tool
    2. After Copy The post. Go on this link Plagiarism Checker
    3. You can see a box, paste the post  
      seo tool,
    4. Now click on Cheek for Plagiarism button. After click, you can see the result.
      seo tool
    5. Now Make your post 100% Unique post before Publish.
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