Submit Your Blog Post URL In Google Webmaster Tools for Quick index

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In past, I've shared below post about GWT. They are: 
Today I will share how to Submit Your Blog Post URL In Google Webmaster Tools. This trick will help your blog get indexed faster in second. Lets see

## Importance
A blog site success depends on blog traffic. Every blogger or website owner tired their best to increase traffic. All of you may have known that, SEO is a process which helps to gain traffic from search engines. So submit post URL in webmaster tool is a most important part of On Page SEO.  In the past, we are already have to know the importance of Google webmaster tools. When Submit a post URL in Google webmaster tools, webmaster tools take few minutes to Index. So this is Most important for SEO. This tricks helps to gain more visitors to your blog site.

How To Submit Blog Post URL

To submit Your post URL, Just follow few simple steps :-
First time login Google Webmaster Tools Click on the site title, and go to site dashboard. 

  • Now click Crawl>Fetch as Google [ See screenshot]
  1.  alt=”blog,google webmaster tools”
  2. After click you can see a box.just paste your post URL, without domain like this,   http://www.techshoutme.com/2014/12/how-to-submit-your-blogger-sitemap-in-Google-webmaster-tools.html [see screenshot]
     alt=”blog,google webmaster tools”
  3. Now click on FETCH button
  4. Then click on Submit to index>Crawl this only URL>Go
We are done to Submit Blog Post URL In Google Webmaster Tools- for quick index.
Always try to submit your blog post URL in webmaster tools after publish a post. 
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