5 Reasons to Use Blogger Default Templates

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You may have noticed that I have used Blogger default Templates on Techshoutme. You might think that why I have used blogger default templates.
When I make this blog (Techshoutme), I have started this blog by custom free templates. A few month later I went back to Blogger default template. Now you may think what are the reasons I come back to Blogger Default
Templates. Today I will share with you

 5 Reasons To Use Blogger Default Templates

  1. SEO friendly 

Blogger default Templates are 100% seo friendly. Just you need too little customization after that it was totally SEO friendly. Page rank is one of important part of SEO. Page loading is a main factor in ranking. Google will never rank those site which takes a lot of time to loading. Blogger default templates are super fast page loading. Head tag is one of the important part of On Page SEO. Blogger default templates are including Head tag. You do not need to add head tag. There are also lot of SEO benefit in Blogger default templates.

    2. Search Engine Friendly (Google)

There is no doubt that, Google is the no-1 Search engine all over the world. All blogger and webmaster tried to gain traffic and rank from Google. If you want to impress Google, then you should go Blogger default Templates. Because of default templates are, Google own templates. Blogger default templates helps to gain more traffic from Google.

  3. Adsense Friendly

Add network is the one of best and popular way to make money from blogging.all of you have to know that, Google adsense is the best ever add network from others. All blogger and webmaster tried their best to approved Adsense. Template is the important part to approved adsense. If you use blogger default template, you do not have to worry about approved Adsense.

  4. Super fast page loading

Blogger default templates are build in fresh coding. For these reasons you will get fast page loading.the third party free templates are including unnecessary JavaScript it will create the templates loading slow. You might know that, fast page loading are so effective to rank your web page.

 5. Easy To Customization

To make our blogger site more professional, we need to customize our templates. Blogger default templates are too easy to customization without any knowledge of coding. You may able to change front, color, background, layout, link etc without any kind of coding. You change this template manually whatever you want.

With this post, it does not seem that I have forbidden custom blogger templates to use. I just wanted to say that if you use blogger premium templates, okay fine. But blogger default templates are better than custom free templates.
I have found that the benefits resulting from the use of blogger default templates. Just explained in this post.


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