How to Add Meta Tag on Blogspot/ Blogger site

Meta Tag in the one of most important part of On Page SEO. Without adding Meta Tag on your Blogspot/ Blogger site you can not able to get search traffic from search engines. Meta Tag including Meta description, meta keyword, author, robots etc. Meta tag helps visitor and search engines to easily define your blog.
Now I will share a complete guide about How to Add Meta Tag on Blogspot/ Blogger site
just follow the steps carefully.
1. Meta Description 
To adding meta tag 1st time need to add meta description on your Blogspot/ blogger site.
  • Sign in and go to your blogger account. And go on blogger dashboard 
  • now go on setting>>search preferences>>description
  • describe your blog in 150 characters max. for example lets see my description
  • Now click on save change button.
2. Meta Keywords
Meta keywords are the heart of On Page SEO. Choose the best keywords of your Blog by using Keyword research tools. Choose keyword which is high traffic keywords that define your Blog content. Some of Blogger or webmaster use dozens of Keywords this is not good for SEO. Choose few smart Keywords which is reflected all content of your blog. Use Top 10 Keyword Research tool to choose smart keywords. For example here my keywords

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3. How to add Meta tag on Blogger templates

Some of template has to including Meta Tag. but the maximum number of blogger templates dose not exist Meta description or Meta keyword option. To add follow the steps
  • Log in your blogger account. and go on your blogger dashboard 
  • Now click and go Template>>Edit HTML
  • Just copy below code, and paste this code below <head> tag. If you add webmaster verification code, than paste this code bellow verification code.

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>
<META NAME="Description" CONTENT="A blog about blogspot guide, how to make money online, blogger free widgets, increase backlinks etc " />
<META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT="blogger site, adsense guide, seo tricks, seo tools, widgets, cool popular post widgets, make money online" />
<META NAME="Author" CONTENT="Salek Ahmed" />
<META NAME="Robots" CONTENT="All" />

  • For example see screen shot 
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4. Change code
  1. change "Description" = with your Blog description 
  2. change "Keyword" = with your targeted Keywords 
  3. change "Author" = this in not so much important, but if you like just attach your full name.
So we are completely done to add Meta Tag on Blogspot/ Blogger site.


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