How to Get Quality Natural Backlinks Via Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is a very easy, safe way to get quality Natural Back links. It means, commenting a blog post and gain more visitor and Backlinks from other website / Blog site. Bloggers doing that for various purpose. There are some purposes to Blog commenting 
Get backlinks via blog commenting
  1. For build quality Backlinks
  2. For increase traffic 
  3. And increase Alexa rank 
  4. To rank keyword
  5. Increase awareness about their Blog

#Importance Of Blog Commenting 

All of you have to know that, Backlinks is one of the important part of Off Page SEO. It Plays a vital role to get Higher page rank from search engines. Higher page rank means, more and more traffic from search engines. All blogger does so many things to get quality Backlinks. There are 5 major way to get quality back links
  1. Forum post.
  2. Directory submission.
  3. Blog commenting.
  4. Article submission.
  5. Guest post.
In these ways, I love Blog commenting most. Blog commenting is a way, to get quality Natural Back links without forum post, article submission. In these ways, blog commenting is one of the easy, the best way in my sense.

#How To Do

All Blog comment are not effective for your site.some of Blogger doing scamming in Blog commenting.
If you want to get natural backlinks for your blog. Then follow the steps.
  • 1st time find out high pr Blog site, which are Dofollow. And make sure this blog are relevant your own blogs. And must be related to your blog. Check this post "high pr dofollow comments site list "
  • Read the post clearly.
  • Submit your comment.

#How To Submit A Good Comment 

All comment are not good for SEO. Some do Commenting is a scam. Blog commenting is a simple way, but every comment are not approved by the Blog admin. Without approved your comment, you will do not get any Backlinks from blogs. To approved your comment and get easily natural backlinks. Follow the steps
  1. Never put your blog URL Directly 
  2. Avoid this types of comment= nice post, well done, great post. These types comment are a part of scamming.
  3. Write good unique comments according to the post. And try to write minimum 4 line on commenting.
  4. Submit your comment 
  5. After moderation, your comment will be approved.

#scam comment


#Good and Unique Comment


There are no doubt about, Blog commenting is one of the best way to get easily Backlinks from other sites.
So in this post, I am tired to share and inform you that "how to get quality natural backlinks via commenting". So try to be a good unique commentator and make a thousand of good quality backlinks for your blog site.


  1. Ok, Thanks for this great post. I am trying this tricks for my website for get back-link on my own blog. but can i post after comment like " You may also like yourwebsite com/your- trick" This is right way or not.

  2. Hi,

    This is the most valuable post to get a natural quality backlinks via blog commenting. Blog commenting is the most common and safe way to increase traffic on websites. I love blog commenting as well.
    Thanks for nice sharing.

    Daniel Palmier

  3. This is such a comprehensive post on how to comment on blogs for newbies. I am going to share this with my Merry band of picture book authors. This is not, by a long shot, my first time commenting on a blog, but it is my first time commenting on yours. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for such great information!!

    Ashley Jones