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3 Common Android Problems And Solutions

Android is a popular operating system in the current period. The number of Android users are increasing day by day. Android operating system is easier to use, but sometimes some  problems faced by users. Common problems with something like today's post. 
In today's post I will go to share  Common Android Problems and Solutions

1. Pattern Lock Problems
mobile, adroid, . Pattern Lock Problems

The most common issue is android pattern lock. Many android user who protect their device using pattern lock. The only problem is when you forget your pattern lock pattern, and you or anyone else on your device several times to input the wrong pattern. Anyway, let's see what's the solution to these problems?

The First Solutions

After several wrong pattern your device wants your Email ID and password. So your Google Email ID and password required to unlock the device. 

The Second Solutions

A lot of time on the phone does not have an internet connection. So Isn't possible to log in Email ID. The pattern lock bypass In order to act in accordance with the following procedure: 
  • Hold the volume up.
  • Hold down the home button. 
  • Hold down the Power button.
  • Leave the button, when the Power on 
  • From the menu on the Android Recovery wipe date > factory reset and select. Remember, after the Factory reset will not have any data on your mobile phone. All data will be deleted. 
  • Re-boot the and leave pattern lock. 

2. Boot Loop Problems
Boot Loop Problems, android

Boot loop is a common problem to Android. However, this problem has a simple solution. Generally, when a lot of time on a custom ROM Boot Loop occurs. So a custom ROM or flash to stock ROM you should remember that, after the flash ROM, you will need to phone Wipe Date. Otherwise,  your device will reboot several times. 
Let's see if your device is to be repeatedly reBoot. What to do
  • Take off your device.
  • Go to the recovery mode. Recovery mode is to use the combination of different buttons for different devices. 
  • Generally the volume button is used to go up or down to the recovery mode. And the menu  to select any one of the Power or the home button is used. 
  • Go into recovery mode and select "Advanced". Then select "Wipe dalvik cache" and clear Dalvik cache. 
  • Return to the main menu and create "wipe data factory reset"
  • Then from the main menu select "wipe cache partition" and clear cache partition 
  • Now from main menu "reboot system now"
I hope your device will not reboot. 

3. Recovery mode Problems

After a lot of flash ROM can go directly to your device into recovery mode. On your phone directly to the recovery mode. Generally, this problems due to the wrong ROM flash. Let's see what is the solution to this problem?


  • First you need to do that in flash ROM zip file to your phone's SD card to copy.
  • Go into recovery mode. 
  • From recovery mode to wipe data according the above procedure.
  • From the main menu select "install zip from SD card>choose zip from SD card" now selected the zip file copy, which you kept.
  • When the flash on your device to reboot.
By following this method for your device that allows you to flash a custom ROM.


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