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How to Optimize Title Tag (H1 From H3) on Blogger

SEO is a process which is helps get organic search traffic from various search engines.now-a-days blogging is a passion for everyone. But very few bloggers are able to success. Only those people become a successful, who are the good at SEO. Because without better SEO, blogger can not able to success from their blog. So friends today I will go to share a very important SEO tricks. So lets see.    
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You may know that, Title tag(heading tag) is of the most important part of On Page SEO. There are six types of Heading tag like H1,H2,H3,H4,H5,H6. From these tags, h1 is best and higher priority from search engines Google.
Now a day every blogger templates are including Title tag, but most of designer and also blogger default templates use h3 tag on Heading tag (title tag). There are no problems. But if you use H1 tag as a title tag, you get maximum priority from search engines Google. H1 tag also helps to increase Google SERP

How to change
Optimize title tag h1 from h3 is a simple process, just follow the below steps
  • Before any types of change,  backup your present templates
  • Go to your blogger account. Then login your account
  • Got to Template>>edit templates 
  • Press Ctrl F. And search this code <h3   [ you may got this code in 2 times]
    seo, blogger, h1, h3 tag

  • Now change this code with this one <h1
  • Click on Save Template button. 
  • You're done to changes h1 from h3 
So friends this is a simple seo tricks but much helpful for better search results. Now wait a week, you may noticed the changes. Hopefully the changes helps you to get more traffic from search engines.

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  1. very useful and descriptive article on seo, tags are required to be implemented very carefuly