4 Basic On Page SEO Setting For Blogger Blog

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is carrying need to blogging success. It is not possible to success in blogging without SEO. SEO is a process which is helps to gain traffic from various of search engines like Google. You may have known that, without traffic any blog can not run properly. Every website owner and blogger want to more traffic from search engines. However, basically SEO divided into two part 
  1. On Page SEO 
  2. Off Page SEO 
Today I'm going to share with you Basic On Page SEO setting in Blogger
Blogger is a most popular and great blogging platform. I like most not only me, there are a thousand of blogger who create their blog on Blogger Blogspot blogging platform.
Are you a newbie and create a blog on blogspot platform? After creating a blog, then you must need to learn SEO for best blogging experience. And apply SEO in your blogger blog for better search visibility and promote your blog. 
Here I will go to share basic On Page SEO for Blogger.

1. Privacy Setting 
This is the first and important setting for search engine optimization. In privacy setting you are  give permission search engine for indexing your blog or not. If you permission search engines to index your blog, then search engine listing your blog on their search bar. 
How to do  
  • Go to blogger.com and log in to your account. 
  • Then blogger dashboard>> setting>> Privacy 
  • Now simply tick on the option in the below picture
    Privacy setting in blogger
  • You're done !! 
2. Custom Robots.txt Setting  
 This is an important basic SEO setting for blogspot blog. Custom Robots.txt is contains some code. It saved on the blog's server which has given the instruction the search engines crawlers for how to index in your blog in the search results. 
To know more and also setting Custom Robots.txt. Check the below post 
3. Custom Robots Header Tag settings 
This is also an important for your blog. In custom robots header tag setting you need to some setting to make your blog search engine friendly. Check the below post 
4. Optimize Your Blog's post Title 
As a newbie, every blogger start their blogging with blogger default templates. It is right that, blogger default templates are good for SEO. But you need too little customization to make your templates complete SEO friendly. Optimization Blog's Post Title is one of these. 
To optimize your blog's post title check the below post 
Note - for professional purposes, currently the maximum number of blogger use custom template on their blog. If you are using custom template on your blog, then there is no required to optimize your blog's post title. Because of, currently every blogger custom templates are already optimize post title.  

You're are completely done to setting basic SEO setting. But one thing remember SEO is a long term process. Try to as much as possible to learn Search Engine Optimization. For 100% complete your Blog's On Page SEO using Google Webmaster tools. Here Techshoutme I will share a complete guide how to using webmaster tool to increase search visibility of your blogger blog. Next 4 webmaster guide for you :-
  1. How to add blogger blog in webmaster tool
  2. Verify ownership in webmaster tool
  3. Submit your Blogger sitemap in Google Webmaster tool. 
  4. Submit your post URL in webmaster tool - for quick indexing 
Hopefully This post are really helpful for newbie blogger to complete On Page SEO. If you applying all these tips in your blogspot blog, you do not need to worry about On Page SEO.


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