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Easily Recover Your Deleted Blogger Blog

The people who want to start a blog, then they choose blogger to create their first blog. I'm also choose blogger blogspot platform for make this blog Techshoutme. Blogger.com is an awesome blogging publishing platform run by Google. One can easily able to start their blog by using blogger.com. In this platform you can able to make 100 blogs with only one Google account. I have also created 8+ blogs with one account on this platform. However, it is difficult to maintain couple of blog at a time and also face of various problems we deleted our blog. It is so easy to delete a blog but after deleted this is not deleted forever. You can able to recover deleted blogger blog within ninety days.

How To Delete a blog

Are you want to delete your one of blogger blog? If yes, follow the below simple process
  • Log in to your blogger account
  • Select the blog which you want to delete
  • Click on setting> other > blog tool > delete blog {see below screen shot}
    How To Delete a blog
After clicking, on delete blog you can see a pop up window now click on delete this blog. After that, your blog has been deleted.

How To Recover Deleted Blogger Blog 

Sometimes we need to recover our deleted blog. If you think that, you need to recover your blog which you was deleted. Then follow the simple steps 
  • Log in your account 
  • From blogger dashboard click on deleted blog 
  • After click, you can see your deleted blog. Now click on Undelete  option. Then you will get your deleted blog with all data like post, comment etc. 
    How To Recover Deleted Blogger Blog
Hopefully this post help you most when you need to recover your deleted blogger blog. If you face any types of problem to doing this just leave a comment.

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