5 Effective Ways to Reduce Blog Loading Time

You may have heard that about Google started ranking blogs based on loading speed. If your blogs are take lot of time to loading, then your site must be suffer in the long run. Because of both search engine and readers do not like to visit those websites, which is take more time to load. As a result your blogs bounce rate will increase, and your site lost ranking from search engines. A super fast website are likely to among the visitor and search engines. So that, is carrying need to reduce your blog load time. It will help your reader an amazing user experience. Not only that, it will also help to decrease in bounce rate of your blogs.

Reduce Blog Loading Time
Today I'm going to share 5 tips that will must helps you to reduce the loading time of your blogger blog. So let's begin starting to reading this post.

5 Way To Reducing Loading Time

1. Avoid Using Lots of blogger Widgets  
Blogger has more than 900+ default widgets that helps your blog look more professional and flexibility. But If you use more and more widgets then they give you negative results. Though there are so many widgets are available, every widgets did not effective for your blog. Choose 3 or 4 widgets that is enough for your blog. Few days back I will share a post about
Some people using lots of gadget on their blog which is unnecessary.

2. Optimize Images  
There is no doubt that, using images helps you to make your blog post more attractive and interesting. Bust using lot of images also the main culprit to increase in loading time. Try to use 2 or 3 images on your blogs post, and make sure that the image size must be under 40 KB.
You can easily re size your images by using photo editing software. Always choose PNG file before uploading for the web.

3. Select A Best Blogger Template 
A template is the major fact of loading time. If you're using a theme which has included so much JAVA script and CSS code then it will increase in loading time of your blog. Choose a simple template for your blog. If you're using a free theme then, it may has included unnecessary code. Don't worry there are some well coding themes in internet but difficult to find them. You can easily download and use on your blog for free.  Just you need to choose the best theme. If you can't find any theme, then you can use blogger default template. Default theme are super fast and also seo friendly.
Check this post : 5 Reasons you should use blogger default template 

4. Keep 5 Post In Home Page 
The maximum visitor come in to your blogs home page. So it is most important to reduces loading time of your home page than others. However, the smart ways to put 5 or highest 7 post in your blogs home page. And use read more function that will help your home page loading faster.
You can easily change the post limit
  • Go to the blogger dashboard>> setting >> post and comment >> after that, choose 5-7 post on the main page.
    post and comment
5. Avoid To Many Advertisement
Never display to many add on your blog. Some of bloggers uses lot of advertisement on their blog they thought that,  to many add mean lot of money. But they are wrong if you will get lots of traffics on your blog then one advertise company are enough for you.
There are some advertise company which add are full of unnecessary HTML code. Which can effect your blog loading time by a great margin. My recommended is use Google adsense this is the best ever PPC company all over the world. Try to put 3 ad sport in your blog.

Final Word
I have tried to share 5 ways to optimize your blog that will help you make your blog loading faster. Hopefully you like this post. And if you have any way that will help you to reduce load time of your website, then never forget to share with us through comment. Happy Blogging !!


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