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How to Backup Your Present Template In Blogger?

Do  you want to change your blogger template? If yes! Then make sure that you take a backup your present template before change anythings like adding css, changing HTML etc. If you don’t wish any template crash throughout customization, you ought to undoubtedly build a backup of your template in your laptop.
backup restore blogger template
Why Need to Restore Template
Changing template is one of the common matter of every blogger, especially the newbie. When I was a newbie, I will change my blogger theme in daily.
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However, if you restore your present template, then you can be able to add this in your blog anytime. 
When I shift my blog blogger default template to custom theme, I forget to restore my theme. After few days, I want to go back my past theme. But it is sorrow that, I can't do this because I can't take any backup. It will take my valuable time and also a matter of boring to customize a theme. 

Steps to Backup / Restore Blogger Template 

Blogger support their user to change anything whatever they like. You can easily add or change theme, widget even whatever you want. So Restoring template process are so simple. There are some few simple steps, which are given below :-
  • Go and log in to your blogger account. 
  • Under dashboard click on  Template
    dashboard template
  • Now click on the backup/ restore button which is located at the top right corner. 
    backup/ restore
  • Click on download full template 
    download full template
  • Now this is automatically downloaded in your hard drive. 
  •  You're successfully done !! 
Now you've backup of your present theme in your laptop. Keep it in a safe place so you'll keep in mind wherever it is. So that, once needed you may restore it with none headache.

Final Word 
I've tried my level of best to explain with you how to restore / backup blogger template. Hopefully you may have learned it from this post. I know this is a simple post, but often important. So before changing any kind of change, always take a backup. Happy blogging !! 


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