How to Redirect a Blogspot blog traffics to Another Blog

In today's post I will show you an amazing trick that will be help you redirect a blogspot blog traffics to your another blogger or Wordpress blog.
Most of blogger & internet marketers started  their blogging journey with Google blogspot blogging platform. It is a great platform to create a free blog easily. Though It is best, but after few years later on everyone want to start a self hosted blog (Wordpress blog) for that reason they leave their old blog.  When a newbie started blog, they have no idea about SEO. That's way they willing to leave their old blogspot blog and start a new blog. I'm also one of them.
 Redirect Blogspot blog traffics
Do you start a new blog? If yes! Then you can redirect traffics from your old blogspot blog. How? Check the below step.
  • To do this, log in your blogger account. And go to template>> edit template
  • Search below code (using Ctrl + F)
<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>
  • Now paste the below code just after the above code. 
<meta content='0;url=http://www.techshoutme.com' http-equiv='refresh'/>
Replace www.techshoutme.com into your new blog URL. After you have done this, then when a visitor come to your blogspot blog they will redirect your new blog. So hopefully you've successfully done it and enjoy the traffics from your older blog.

The above post was that redirecting traffics from a blogspot blog to a new blog. Hope you will enjoy this above post.