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10+ Blogger Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

Keyboard shortcuts are really helpful to complete your work very fast. As a blogger, you must need to share content of your blog. I know you keep a plan and always update your blog. Nice job!!
Did you know in blogger post editor, you can use some popular keyboard shortcut?. Why people use them? Because, it helps anyone to complete their work in a short time. You may have used shortcuts in Microsoft word, while graphics designing. However, every computer user know that. So why you didn't use them in blogger post editor?. If you aren't use it yet ! Please start to using them on your next blog post. Here I will be going to share some important shortcuts which I have used from a long time.

List of Blogger keyboard shortcuts 

Keyboard Shortcuts  Functions
Ctrl + A To select the all text
Ctrl + B To bold any text. Select any text and Use this shortcut to
Ctrl + C Use it when you want to copy some text. Select text and press
this shortcut.
Ctrl + D It will help you to save your post as draft.
Ctrl + F If you're looking for search any phrase or sentence, then it will help you find it easily.
Ctrl + G For search any phrase
Ctrl + K this shortcut used for insert hyperlink of any text. First time select text and press ctrl + k.
Ctrl + U It will underline any text. Select text which you want to underline and use this shortcut.
Ctrl + V It will paste the copied text.
Ctrl + + Zoom in.
Ctrl + - Zoom out.
Ctrl + Z This shortcut for undo.
So how was the above list of keyboard shortcuts in blogger post editor?. Hopefully you get this post helpful. Blogger become going to more popular blogging platform. The webmaster team tried their best to improve its feature. So always try to visit our blog so that you can get the latest tutorials about blogger / blogspot.
Do you have any more keyboard shortcut that you use? If yes, please feel free to share it with me. Let me give a chance to learn something from you. Happy blogging.  


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