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How to Design / Style Sidebar Title in Blogger?

Do you run a blog on blogspot platform? If your answer is yes !!! Today I will be going to share with you how to design style sidebar title of your blog.
Design Style Sidebar Title in Blogger
Blog design is an important part of blogging. It indirectly affects of your blogs overall SEO. How?  A good design blog gets more page view so that the bounce rate will decrease.
So if you want to make your blog more attractive, today's article is only for you.

Designing Sidebar Title in Blogger

Making cool and awesome of your blogs sidebar widget title is an easy task. Just apply the below steps:
  • Once you have gotten the above code. Now paste the below CSS code just above the  ]]></b:skin> code. 
#PopularPosts2 h2{
margin:10px 0 10px 0;
padding:8px 0 8px 10px;
font-family: Georgia, serif;
text-transform:uppercase lowercase;
color:#ffffff; text-shadow:0 1px 0 #fff;
Note: Replace PopularPosts2 with your sidebar widget ID. 
        Replace #DF0101  with your desired background color. Visit HTML color code and choose your desired color.

How to get Widget ID? 

After all that, you may wondered how to get widget ID. Well, there has difference widget ID in blog to blog. You can easily able to find out just follow the guide. 
  • Visit your blog home page. 
  • Now right-click on the edit ICON which widget tittle you want to change. And click on copy link location.
    How to Design Style Sidebar Title in Blogger
  • Now open Notepad and paste the copied link. After that, you can get the widget ID. Something like PopularPost1.
    Style Sidebar Title in Blogger?
  • Now add this ID on the above CSS code !! 

Over to You
The above post was look difficult but doing it quite easy. Just do it carefully step by step. I didn't make this post long. Hopefully you will able to design or style sidebar widget title on your blogger blog. Let me know what is your thought about this guide. 


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