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How to Add Invisible Hidden Alexa Widget in Blogger?

Though Alexa doesn't give the actual rank or information about of a website, but still one of the most popular tools to determining how popular is a website.  

Whenever you visit a blog and wondered whether this site is reliable or unreliable, Alexa ranking widget can give you some of information about it. Note: Never determine a website only by Alexa rank there are also some factors.

However, you may have heard that, Google has stopped to giving Page Rank of any website. So now people has started to judge a site by Alexa.

So after all that, every website owner and blogger tried their best to improve their blogs alexa rank. There are some way that helps to improve that rank. Adding Alexa ranking widget in blog is one of them. If you did not use it on your blog, add it right now.
Invisible Hidden Alexa Widget
Before I go ahead, you need to know that if your blog has a poor rank then better thing is to use invisible / hidden Alexa widget on your blog.  Why?
I assume that, your blog rank is above 90k. Whenever a visitor come to your blog and see the rank, then they may be thought a negative idea of your blog. A good practice is use visible widget when your blog rank become under the 50k.
In my case, I was used alexa hidden widget on my blog and after changed into visible when my rank getting better.
However, Today I will show you how to add invisible Alexa widget in your blogspot blog. So let's start:

Adding Alexa Hidden Widget on Blogger

At first log in to your account and go to layout >> Add a gadget >> HTML/JavaScript >> And paste the below code in the content box
<a style="opacity: 0;" target="_blank" href="http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/techshoutme.com"><script type='text/javascript' src='http://xslt.alexa.com/site_stats/js/s/a?url=http://www.techshoutme.com'></script></a> 
Note: Change techshoutme.com  with your website domain name !!

Save this widget. And you are done!!

# Final Word
The above post was that how to add Alexa invisible / hidden widget on your blogger blog. Hopefully you are successfully able to done it. Happy blogging !! 

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  1. Good one dear i been looking for this but i have one problem, anytime i add the code gtmetrix see's it as bad request from the server if check my site performance