Small SEO Tools: An Ideal Tool for Bloggers

If you're an internet marketer or a blogger then you may have known the terms of SEO. To optimized our blog or website we need to some of tools. In internet, there has tons of tools are available some of them are free and some of paid.

However, if you're looking for the best ever seo tool which is completely free, you are in the right place. Today I will be able to be attending to share with you an in depth article regarding small SEO tools. This is an amazing and most powerful tools which is completely free. It is a tool which I used in my whole blogging life. I never used any other tool whenever I need.
SST is not recommended only by me, it is the most popular among the tons of pro bloggers.
small seo tools

With this site, you can find all the thing that you need to optimized and check the various terms of SEO.

In this website you will get 40 features that will surely help you to measures the overall performance of your site . The 40 features offered by SST are given below with a brave information.
  1. Plagiarism Checker = To check your blog post whether unique or not 
  2. Article Re writer     - To re write an article 
  3. Keyword Position   - Check your website keyword in Google 
  4. Online Ping Website Tools - Ping your blog for Faster indexed by major search engines
  5. Backlinks Checker - To check how many backlinks your blog have. 
  6. Link tracker - To track your blog pages particular link in different page
  7. Backlink Maker - Make 50+ backlinks for your blog by creating page of your site in the various website
  8. Google Page Rank Checker - Check a websites page rank before comment on that blog. 
  9. Reverse IP Domain Check - To check is a website uses the shared hosting.
  10. Check Server status - Find out the standard server status of a website. 200 is the standard server status.
  11. Word Count checker - Check how many words and characters a post have.
  12. Spell Checker - Check your spelling is correct or wrong
  13. Class C IP checker  - Find out the C IP of a site
  14. What is my IP - Find out your IP address within 1 second. IP is needed in various of online activity.
  15. Domain Age checker - Easily check a domain age. Both your own domain or your competitor.  It is a great way to competitor analysis.
  16. Website page speed checker - Check your websites current speed. A fast loading blog is more user and SEO friendly.
  17. Website page size checker - Know your website page size.
  18. Code to Text Ratio Checker - Know the ratio of text and HTML code of your site. Google check this ratio to find out a website relevancy.
  19. Website Link Count Checker - Check how many internal, external, no-follow, dofollow link of your site with details.
  20. Website Broken Link Checker - Find out how many broken link your site have. And take necessary steps. Because, it can harm you site health.
  21. Meta Tag Analyzer - Analysis meta tag of a site it may be your or your competitor website.
  22. Website Page Snooper- With this seo tools you can easily view the HTML code of a blog. If you're want to learn HTML, CSS, this tool is a great way to find out a website overall HTML structure.
  23. Ip Location - If you know a person's IP, you can able to know the location of that person easily.
  24. Alexa Rank Comparison - Small seo tools help you to compare the Alexa rank among the various of website.
  25. Keyword Density Checker - Keyword density means the ratio of keyword is putting an article. Try to put keyword 2% or 2.5%. You can check the percentage with this tool.
  26. Page Comparison - Compare a page between another page.
  27. Spider Simulator - Check which information of your site has indexed by Google bot. That will help you to know how search engines crawler work.
  28. Comparison Search - To prevent your article from copy right or plagiarism.
  29. Visitor Hit Counter -Small seo tool offers a great visitor hit counter widget. You can easily show your blog statistics with your reade by adding it on your site.
  30. XML Sitemap Generator - Whether your blog is build on blogger or Wordpress you should add XML sitemap on to your blog. This toll help you to create sitemap easily.
  31. Domain Authority Checker - Google gives a better priority on their search result the authority domain. Find out what is your domain authority and try to improve it.
  32. Google Cache Checker - Find the cache of a web page.
  33. Whois Checker - Check out a domain whole information.
  34. Moz Rank Checker - Moz rank a blog with determine the search presence of a blog. Always try to check your blogs Mozrank as well as your competitor sites as well.
  35. Page Authority Checker - Check page authority of a domain.
  36. Google Index Checker - Check how many pages, post has indexed by Google.
  37. Alexa Rank Checker - In Alexa website, you can check a blog rank at a time. But with that tool, you can able to check Alexa rank of 5 websites with one click. It can save your time.
  38. Domain IP Lookup - Know the look up of a domain. You will check 10 domains at a time.
  39. Redirect Checker - Check redirecting of a website one page to another.
  40. Similar Page Checker - Determine your post is unique or not by compare it with other page. Enter your post URL and the other and check the purity of your article.
  41. Link Price Calculator - Determine a blogs quality with checking the link price.
  42. Reciprocal Link Checker - If you want to check backlinks of your blog in any particular website, you can check it by this.
  43. Cloaking Checker - Some of bloggers or website owner follow unethical way for SEO is called "Cloaking". You can check it with this tool
  44. Keyword Suggestion Tool - Is a great tool to get multiple keyword idea with a single keyword. Just paste a keyword and hit the check button, you will get some suggestion of that keyword.
  45. Website keywords Suggestion Tool - Help you to choose best keyword of your blog. This tool suggests some keyword based on your website domain.
  46. URL Rewriting tool - Help you to change blog post URL into a short SEO friendly URL
  47. Keyword Rich Suggestion Tool - That is an awesome tool by Small seo tools. With this tool, you can find out your desired domain with a high quality keyword. You should use this tool, Before buying a domain.
  48. Domain Hosting Checker - To know which domain & hosting provider a website used. 
  49. Online Md5 Checker - Convert your text into md5 to send information without worry.
  50. Website Link Analyzer Tool - Completely analysis a website link. Whether internal or external.
  51. Google Malware Checker - Do you know that, your site is fall of malware or free from Malware?. If no !! Check it right now.
  52. Screen Resolution Simulator - Check your websites resolution in various size of screen.
  53. Online Url Encoder Decoder  - To make a prefect URL for your blog post.
  54. Find Facebook ID - Various of games, and Facebook apps would need to your Facebook ID. You can easily get it by this SEO tools.
  55. Password Encryption Utility - A strong password in online is always secure your accounts. This tool will help you make your password strong.
  56. Password Strength Checker - Just check your various of password whether poor, good, or very good by putting your password.
  57. Adsense Calculator - If you're an adsense publisher, you can easily calculate your income by adding some information impression, CTR, CPC.
  58. Grammar Checker  - To make your article free from grammatical error. This is the best ever grammar checker tool from tons of SEO tools. 
# Over to You 
The above detailed article was the review of small SEO tools. So how was this post. Hopefully you liked this article.
Some of my reader sent me message and wanted to know which tools I used. All the seo tools I have shared in the above content which I have been used from a long time.

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  1. hello
    this post is very powerful guide and best seo tools i m already use this tools this tools is very best tools above topic

    1. Thanks for putting 1st comment. When ever I need any SEO tools I go to small SEO tools because they fulfill my desired demand.

  2. Hello Salek,

    I've used smallseotools and only plagiarism checker is what I like most in it. I also use another great resource that is full of unique tools such as Wordpress theme detector, Keywords suggestion tool, Backlink finder, Bulk majestic checker and many more.

    1. Hey @Sarah Thanks for added value in this post. Small SEO tools is a tool which is fulfilled my all desired for free

  3. Hi Salek,

    SmallSEOTools is a great tool which has helped a lot of bloggers like me. It has inspired me to write similar too here. I have written some more unique tools that SmallSEOTools doesn't offer. I hope this new tool will be able to help new bloggers and experience bloggers like yourself to be more successful!

    1. Thanks your valuable comment. Yea I checked your SEO tools is look helpful.

  4. Thank you for your post. This was really an appreciating one. You done a good job. Keep on blogging like this unique information with us.

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  5. Thanks for your post about Small SEO Tools.Small SEO tools is my favorite tools for making SEO. its also very help full for beginner people those are just start blogging.

  6. very nice blog.Mozranks are given on a scale of 1 – 10. This is based on number and quality of backlinks.mozrank checker tool

  7. Superb Collection indeed! There are a few I have yet to try. There is however one
    more seo tools, a project of mine, that I’d like to share with you – https://seotoolscheck.com – admittedly,this tool has kicked off it’s journey few months back and by this time got very positive response from the user. Basically it’s a multipurpose based free online tools website.