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How to Delete a YouTube Video? : Easy Way

Do you want to delete a video on YouTube? If yes, today you will get a complete tutorial from this given post.

YouTube is a great platform where one can easily make decent money by making a YouTube channel. If you run and maintain a channel, good job man !!!

You might have known that, a poor quality of video harm your channel quality and decrease the reputation as well. If you're looking forward to make your channel more popular and make a passive income out of it, you should be uploaded only the quality of videos not quantity.
When we first created a channel, we had no idea about it that's why we started to uploaded lot's of unnecessary video. And later realized that, these videos aren't important for our channel.
how to delete a youtube video

So if you're select some of poor videos which aren't important for you, you should delete them right now after all this is a great matter to your channel success. So follow the below easy steps and delete low quality videos from your channel and make your YC awesome.
  • Log in to your YouTube channel, after logged in go to >> Video manager
    how do i delete a youtube video

  • Under the video manager, you will get a complete list of videos which you uploaded. 
  • Now select the video which one you want to delete. You can also select more than one at a time. 
  • After select videos, go to Action >> Delete.
    how to delete youtube videos
  • You're completely done buddy !!!
Over to You
I'm not a guy who is good at writing great English. Because English in not my 1st language. Sorry for poor English but I hope that you would understand my article.
So I tried to giving a simple trick to delete a video from your YouTube channel. Hopefully you got it and successfully did it.
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