5 Best Free Alexa Rank Checker Tools

Though Alexa does not show the overall quality of a website or blogs, but still one of the best ever tool for measuring the websites traffics, quality, performance etc. 

You can easily evaluate a sites overall things by submitting URL on alexa. As you know on alexa.com you can able to check a blogs rank only one times. That means, if you want to check 10 websites, you need to reload the Alexa webpage 10 times. When it for competitive analysis it may be a boring matter for you. But don't worry !

alexa rank checker

Today I will share with you some of best Alexa rank checker tools by which you can able to find out more than one site rank in second. Sound good !! So let's see 

1. Small SEO Tools 
Small SEO tools is one of my favorite tool to get all the things regarding SEO. However, SST offers to you check Alexa rank of any website within second. The best part is that you can check up to 5 sites at a time. 
  • Click here 
  • And type the URL's [Up to 5] 
  • Write each domain name on separate line
  • After that, click on check button. And see the results
    Small SEO Tools

2. Bulk Alexa Rank Checker 
It an amazing tools indeed. You will be glad to know that you can know more than 500 blog's rank at a time in minute. I think you don't need to any other tool because that is enough for you. 
  • Go to Bulk Alexa Checker 
  • Type your desired domain name more than 500
  • Finally hit submit button
  • Once clicked, see the magic
    Bulk Alexa Rank Checker

3. WebConfs 
  • Click here 
  • And put your competitor domain names
  • Fill Captcha 
  • Click on Submit 
  • That's it

4. Alexa Rank checker by seomastering.com 
Similar to SmallSEOtoll. Can get 5 website results at a time. The unique part is, can get data range result like month, pageview etc. 
  • Click this link 
  • Put domain name
  • Select data range 
  • And hit continue button to see the rank.
    Alexa Rank checker by seomastering.com

5. AlexaRankingChecker 

Help you to get up to 100 domains at a single click. 
Over to You 
When it comes to measuring the competitor analysis manually, evaluate the Alexa rank is must need for you. Hopefully the above tool help you a lot. If you've any more amazing tools that I missed to add. Please let me know


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    1. Hey Priya glad to hear that you liked this post..
      Hope these tools will help you to check the alexa rank of any blog